Telstra account billing is available to eligible Personal customers who subscribe to Hayu through the Telstra My Offers Portal, and who select Telstra billing as a preferred payment method.

To check whether you are being billed by Telstra, log into your Hayu account and check your subscription details. If you wish to cancel your Telstra billing arrangements and pay Hayu directly, you will need to cancel your subscription via the Payment Details section of your Hayu account, wait until the subscription expires and then re-subscribe with a new payment method. If you wish to change the method by which you pay your Telstra bill or disagree with a charge, please contact Telstra’s customer support team directly. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the Payment Details section of your Hayu account. Of course, we’ll be sorry to see you go!

Eligibility for Telstra account billing is determined by Telstra. To confirm your eligibility for Telstra account billing, please log in to your Telstra My Account via .